Random Stuff

    Sometimes there just isn’t a fitting title for the random thoughts that roll around in my head. I know many of you won’t be surprised by that. Even Lynn wonders how I get from one train of thought to another so quickly. Most I don’t share but they are all connected somehow. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

What’s with the lights? Yes it gets dark here like just about everywhere else. Some boats stubbornly refuse to use lights at anchor or anywhere else. Then there are the bright red ones in the cockpit, the green ones, the strobes, the lawn and garden variety that kind of, almost work for a few hours (after that you’re as dark as the no lighters) and even the little bitty flashing yellow one. These days of bright, super-bright, cheap, hardly use any energy at all LEDs it’s tough for me to imagine any reason for being un/improperly lit. There I was…..2 AM, wind howling, rain in buckets, the kind of event where boats drag and maneuver, can’t see a thing,but know everyone is up and on watch. Rain eases ever so slightly and a green navigation light pierces the night. S@#T, he’s going to hit me!!! But it doesn’t happen...looks stationary... what? After the storm…yes it was a bright green light being used as a cockpit and anchor light. Very considerate ;)

Retired AND Relaxed; Tiki Bar Pan Band
Retired and Relaxed Cruisers? There are retired folks, there are younger folks with families, even younger yet cruisers delaying entry into, maybe taking a short break from, the working world. It is interesting though the number who can’t really give up the “working” mentality, maybe a few control issues. Yes I am guilty of fixing/updating something when I probably should be reading a good book. But the quibbles, quips, jockeys’ for last word, must be involved in everything, and subtle/not-so-subtle I’m running this inputs on the web and radio net sometimes make me wonder. Seems the younger not yet retired cruisers are the most relaxed. Perhaps it's the mentality beat into us through working careers…or maybe a few would be happier just going back to work?

The “No” Boat: There was this boat in the anchorage we referred to as the “No” boat. You see it had no lights; no flag, no name, and the old "gent" aboard wore no clothes. And…I’ll post NO photo to protect the innocent. You wouldn’t want to see.

Can't let these two pass:
Cock Soup?

Appetizer? Aphrodisiac? Main course? Does anyone need a cigarette afterwards?
Bread Made by Ho's?

And; Bread made by Ho’s? I have no idea, but I swear it was the only brand on the shelf Saturday morning that was still warm and soft. Hmm…