One Month Later

The farm auction was a success. Some things went for more than expected and some didn't. But we were happy that it all WENT. Although, Steve says that while some of it may have changed ownership, it isn't going anywhere. The family may have done a little shopping. Steve and I managed to control ourselves by imagining what it would be like to tow a dinghy full of farm implements up and down the coast.

We got up to Fargo to see my sister Mary and her family and their beautiful new kitchen makeover. All the nieces and nephews are getting so grown up and smart and wonderful. This is our niece, Abby, holding Rex, the cat who swallowed a basketball.

We've been back at home for a few days now, hanging off Gary and Alex's mooring ball, getting a weekend's worth of shopping and provisioning put away. It looks like we'll be having a mini North Dock reunion over the 4th. Rob, of Cosmos Mariner, is here and Chris and Anne, of Mr Mac, are on their way, to be here Saturday. It will be a great reason to break into the really good bottle of tequila. Something tells me that Gary and Alex won't be throwing out invitations to come and stay quite so freely after this summer. They are the best of hosts, generous, fun, they even manage to have a lobster man at their dock, so the fresh fish is plentiful. What more could we ask for? If only Gary would wire the mooring for 110 and get in the fresh water hookup...


Niagara Falls

Almost 30 years after we got married we made it to the "#1 Honeymoon Destination in America!" It was a beautiful, sunny day and the falls were spectacular. The huge clouds of mist felt great. I had to keep reminding myself that it was fresh water not salt and that it would dry in a minute or so.

From the American side, looking across Bridal Veil Falls, the Maid of the Mists tour boat is on the left, Ontario farther left.
Steve, contemplating a rare breakage of the rules. He came to his senses and stayed on the right side of the rail.