The work never ends...

One of the best parts of my day is usually the 6:30 am walk up to the bathrooms. The sun is just starting to show over Tampa Bay, it's still quiet, the water's calm. I remembered to take the camera today, this is one of the things I'll miss.
Our new wind generator had some problems and had to come down. Steve went up the mizzen mast (the shorter mast on the back of the boat), uninstalled the wingen, lowered it down in pieces, did the repairs (replaced the controller card...provided free of charge by Southwest Windpower) and then back up he went. My part consisted of cranking the winch, going for tools and holding things. It's Sunday so we quit early, poured a nice glass of Pinot and are going to throw a couple of rib eyes on the grill. A toast to great customer service and a gen back on-line pumping amphours back into the bank. Life in Florida (in February) is great.

Here Steve is replacing the controller card and the brushes in the wind-gen.

And then there is the trip up the mast to re-connect the wiring, install and test the generator, and attach the blades. Please let there be power!


Alison Trimble said...

I love the picture of the marina ...not so much the foot...so keep your shoes on Steve!

So glad to hear you are about to depart on your great adventure. We can't wait to hear how it goes.

When you get close enough for me to bring you all soup to go with that fresh bread, let me know!

Teri Bernhard said...

Amazing picture, I thought it was an advertizement. You tow are going to have a blast. Looking forward to all your blogs.

Patty Duenow said...

Seeing the photo of the sun rising over the Bay, I immediately heard in my memory all of the sounds of a morning there: the gentle clang of ropes, the calls of the birds, the peaceful lapping of the water. It was like being there for a moment or two again.
I have such great memories of spending time there with the two of you, and I hope there will be more. I know you two are going to make some great memories on your journeys. Love you both.