Albuquerque: Family, Friends, Cars, and yes Balloons!!

    The SSCA Gam over with a week before the sailboat show, I took a trip to Albuquerque to spend a week with our daughter Hannah. After two days of knuckle-busting car repair (two motor mounts, idle air valve, adjust valves, timing, new spark plugs, couple light bulbs, etc) and evenings filled with cooking, a little wine and a lot of catching up we finally set out to see Albuquerque. First a trip to Tricklock Theater Company for a Friday night social and my chance to meet all her great friends and fellow company members, then a test drive of the car to the top of Sandia Crest and a photo opportunity looking down at the city below. Next a visit to our long time friends and old neighbors Cliff and Sandy Spohn to catch up once again.

   Tough to beat seeing and catching up with family and friends, but Cliff threw one at us we couldn't pass up. It's Balloon Fiesta week in Albuquerque and I didn't even know it before the trip.  Cliff, Sandy and family crew for one of the out of town balloonists and asked if we wanted to help out. After a 0400 alarm and a quickly downed cup of coffee, we headed off to the Spohns and the Balloon field. Today was a competition day so pilots had to choose their own take-off point from off field and fly the wind back accurately. 

    Well one thing leads to another, the briefings over, launch point selected, wind checked, balloon out, filling, burners heating...take-off time. "Who are my passengers?" Becky the pilot yells. "Hannah, get in!" comes a shout from Cliff. "I need one more" Becky says "Steve get in" Next thing we knew we were airborne floating toward the field watching the competition. Here are a few photos from another wonderful, completely unexpected experience.

Our "sky" for a couple hours.


Our pilot Becky and copilot Cindy,

   Thank you Cliff, Sandy, Becky,Cindy and everyone else for the great surprise and morning at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta


Amanda said...

That's awesome!!

Patty said...

Wow,what a cool experience that must have been!!!! Great photos! Love to all.

Anne and Chris said...

Fantastic! You certainly have good timing to pick up on these great experiences!

John, Roberta and Freedom said...

You could not of planned it any better! It is nice catching up with friends and family...where are you guys?

Steve said...

Yes it was a great time, luck sometimes comes our way. We made the Annapolis Sailboat Show today, manning the SSCA booth monday for a stint, then heading south first day the wind blows right!

Bob and Kitty said...

That's a keeper of a picture of Dad and daughter - beautiful! You guys better get down here quick or I'm going to have to send Lynn her beautiful red coat back!

Lynn said...

Kitty, The sail covers are already off and as of sunrise tomorrow...we are on the way!! Hope to see you guys soon.