The Sailing

    Yes we have to do a little catching up. OK….perhaps a LOT of catching up. The internet has been sparse and the stops very interesting so we have neglected the blog. Then there is always the meeting of other cruisers and a bit of socializing of course but, back to the catching up.

English Harbour, Antigua

    Our sail from Virgin Gorda to St Maarten was one of our best passages yet. We motored out of Gorda Sound mid afternoon, shut down Nanni and sailed off through the sunset, through the perfect starlit night, and watched the sun rise over St Maarten. Calm seas, perfect wind, stars, and shooting stars everywhere. We especially loved it since we had blown our main sail a week earlier on what was to be a “gentle” sail around St Thomas. We felt we were due for a comfortable stress free crossing sooner or later. Now we are determined to make it to Trinidad with just our remaining (2nd reef point) mainsail and fix it or replace it there. Hey, we are supposedly in the trade winds now where it blows 15-20 every day so two reefs should be about right, right?

    Since then we have visited Saba for some of the best snorkeling I have ever done, met with some old friends Robert and Vicki from FoxSea, spent nearly a week at Antigua followed by a few days down the coast of Guadelope and are now resting in Isles Des Saintes.

Visit by the Dutch Coast Guard
    Every one of these places has been a worthwhile stop and we’re making notes on where to spend more time on the way back. Also looking to pick a spot to spend x-mas and invite the rest of the family. Clearly the French islands have it over on everyone when it comes to the food and the low to no hassle check in and out. The people are friendly and good looking , and did I mention the food?? Next stop is Dominica as we’re looking to depart here early next week. Word is the local produce is great and fair priced so a bit of stocking up may be in order.

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