Just a quick video I shot as we came into Trinidad.  It'll give you an idea of the terraine. Too bad it can't give you a feel for the himidity.  WOW. It's actually nice and cool when it rains or is cloudy, but the second the sun comes out and hits all that moisture in the air: instant steam sauna. 
Right now, I'm sitting under the picnic shelter, next to the bar at TTSA, watching the daily deluge, moving occasionally to stay out of the drips. 
The shopping bus just returned and disgorged a dozen other cruisers and all their mornings packages and groceries.  They've all crowded under the picnic area and now my quiet is filled with chatter in several different languages.  Trinidad is a mecca for cruisers from around the world. At last night's potluck we met cruisers from Switzerland, South Africa, New York, New Zealand and England.  Since we're below the hurricane belt, cruisers come here to spend the season, haul their boats and have work done in one of the 12 or so boat yards. Pretty much anything that needs to be found/repaired/replaced or fabricated for a boat can be done here.  And done in wood or fibreglass or metal.  We (meaning Steve) have an extensive list and have to sit down and see what we really need to do or have made while we're here.  I'd just like to find some mahogany to make a new set of companionway stairs, our 'temporary' set is almost 3 years old.
The video wouldn't upload, I'll try again tomorrow.

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