Starting a New Year,

Interesting, always colorful architecture.

this time in St Lucia.  We took advantage of what we thought would be a fairly good weather window and left Grenada for the 160 mile trip north to St Lucia.   Coming down through the Caribbean last summer, we only spent 2 days here and had put it on the top of the list of places to revisit.  Our sail turned out not-so-nice, with me, and Adjima, fetal position sick the whole way. Nothing like barfing for 30 hours to make me really glad to see Rodney Bay appear from behind the rocks. Steve had to single hand the entire day, in winds upward of 30kts and big confused seas.  It was one of 'those' sails: the nav computer quit, the auto helm wouldn't work while the engine and the water maker were both on (something about too many magnets spinning too close to the compass), it rained and rained, the sunbrella on the jib ripped and at 5am the fuel filters clogged from all the gunk getting stirred up in the wild motion. Steve was very kind when I dragged myself to the cockpit to stand watch while he changed the filters.  He said and I'm paraphrasing here, "Don't do anything. Just keep us on course."  And I did. Until I got just the faintest whiff of diesel...  We were only a mile or so off the rhumb line when he came back up an hour later.

We ran into some friends as we were leaving the grocery the next day and went along with them to the market in Castries, a few miles down the road.  It was a great outdoor fresh fruit and veg market, with lots of trinkets for the cruise ship people thrown in alongside. There was a restaurant row, with all local food and we of course had to sample.  On my plate, above, I had: fall off the bone delicious chicken legs, baked mac and cheese, lettuce salad, beans and rice over breadfruit, pasta, and plantains. Steve was the only one in the group to clean his plate. This lunch for 2, including beer, was less than $12. I was definitely over my sea sickness.

This is 'the season' in the Caribbean.  Tourists from all over the world come here to soak up the sun.  We're anchored off a Sandal's Resort and their guests are jet skiing, windsurfing, para sailing, diving, horseback riding, Hobie-catting, having funning all around the boat.  It's great to sit and watch.  The large sailing cruise boats come right up into Rodney bay and anchor for the day.  I love this picture of the old wooden La Graceau against the new Wind Spirit.

We have a few repairs to make here and some sightseeing to do, so we plan to stay a couple of weeks. Come on down.


Anne and Chris said...

Everything seems so much nicer after a bad passage, doesn't it! Glad you're safe and sound.

Amanda said...

I literally LOL'd at dad's paraphrasing of do nothing and stay on course...glad you're in one piece! The fried mac n' cheese sound delish.

Bill T. said...

Hi Lynn!! Interesting reading and I remember Steve posting something about the "fetal" position on FB. I really would like to track you guys down somewhere in the next 1-2 years...just for FUN!!!

Ciao ciao - Bill