It's been raining a lot lately, so we've had some really spectacular rainbows and double rainbows.  We can usually see two or three a day.  I suppose they'll get old some day, but for now, I still have to make Steve come and see them all. 
We're not doing anything much new here.  Just hanging out, grocery shopping, doing laundry.  We generally come into Ste Anne once a day to walk, have coffee and Internet, buy bread, practice speaking french.  We're on the 'baguette a day' program. I think I'm addicted to fresh bread, with butter, and some kind of sauce to dip it in, and of course, wine.  Hmmm, maybe it's not just the bread I'm addicted to.
We're anchored off a long, white, sandy beach, with a Club Med on the far end.  Our spot affords us an unimpeded view of the beach goers and all the bars and restaurants along the shore. After much observation, I've decided that European men's Speedo's come in one color, black, and two sizes, XS and S.  The size a man buys has nothing to do with his actual body size.  It only determines how far up he wants to pull the suit.  Most men seem to buy the XS.


Patty said...

Beautiful photo, great writing, and as always, your amazing sense of humor! Take care.

Bill T. said...

Regarding speedos...nuff said. LOL

And the more I read about your travels and adventures the more I am convinced to rendezvous somewhere, somehow! My gal Sherry arrived today for a 18 day visit - but I'll still check-in regularly on you two.

Ciao ciao ciao

Bob D. said...

Trying to figure how to respond to your blog w/o 6 login screens. Sorry I am so blog challenged. Maybe this one will get through!!