Pictures from a Rainy Day

We usually start the day with fresh bread and/or fruit. These grapefruit were so sweet and juicy, they didn't need sugar. Generally, I share half with Steve, not today.

 We always buy new kinds of coffee and spend lots of time sampling and rating them. Great fun in the French islands, as we're never really sure what we've bought.  French-English dictionaries are limited on food terms for some reason.
 Today's project: screw the floorboards to the hull.  The boards have always been loose on Celebration and that's only a problem if the boat were to go all the way over. Since I just finished reading a book called "Rescue in the Pacific" about a Force 12 storm that caught dozens of boats unaware in the south pacific, I've been looking around our humble home and seeing too many things that could be problems.  Lots of damage and most of the injuries for those involved came from the projectiles launched from cupboards, lockers, freezers, etc. as the boats were tosses from side to side.  This is a project we've been going to do for quite a while, but I moved it up on the list and Steve was nice enough to humor me.
Installing these bolts involved moving the carpets, which meant that they should be taken out and beat while they were up, re-inventorying the stuff under the floorboards, cleaning the shower sump while we had access, cleaning all the parts of the hull we could reach and checking everything else we could see.  It was a tear up the boat day.

  The chocolate had to be sorted and properly stacked.

                                              Adjima was her usual helpful self.

We ended the day sampling some of our newly spiced rum over ice and watching the sunset behind some beautiful clouds.


Patty said...

Good to read a new update from you guys. Love to both of you and Adjima.

Anonymous said...

Rum over ice and sunsets in the cockpit...Hard to beat!

G and G

Bill T. said...


It's fun to read up on your adventures - I especially like reading about food and wine - fresh produce - and finally I'm amazed at Adjima's age...what I neat life she has had living with with you sea-faring guys!

Where/how do you guys get mail?

Ciao ciao ciao