Hurricane Sandy update.  Thanks everyone for all the calls, emails and texts. We're fine, sitting pretty in Oriental NC.  As you can see from the photo, the docks here are almost* underwater, as of 1700 on Sun. Sandy has gone by us off the coast, and is heading for New Jersey, so we're hoping the water is going to start to recede tomorrow and the wind will settle down by Tues or Wed. We had a mini hurricane party last night, drinking rum with new friends Jeff and Katie, on Mezzaluna and Bob and Monique on Last Waltz.

*almost but not all the way underwater is really neat because the docks are concrete and have slits all the way down them, you can see them in the photo, so when a wave comes underneath, it spurts up a foot or so, like a fountain at kids amusement park.  It makes for a fun dance down the docks. 

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