Good Friends, Great Times

Jason, John, Steve, Lynn, Roberta, Anne, Laura, Chris

The canal, just after sunrise.

There were 10 of us at dinner last night. Doing the ICW going south, we have ended up going as a pack. We are all aiming for the same anchorages and end up bunching up at the bridges. Last night we were at the free docks at the Great Bridge bridge, just past the lock. We all made trips to the grocery, some to the laundromat, some to the package store, the fabric store, the dollar store. We hosted a bread making session and Anne demo'd tortilla rolling. We ate the fresh bread and tortillas, had some wine and all went out for Mexican. We ate some more, some more than others (John), and had great margaritas. We raided the rosemary plant on the way back to the boats, had a dramatic reading by the one and only Chris A Jackson, had some more wine and of course, a lot of lively talk.

This morning we left for another day of motoring down the ditch, although at the moment, we do have the genoa out. We are all in a row: Jason and Laura on Blue Blaze, John and Roberta on Freedom, Celebration, Anne and Chris on Mr Mac, and Sam and Carolyn on Malaka II. It's a nice looking row of boats: a Panda, a CSY, an HR, a Bruce Roberts, and an Island Packet. We're keeping some very good company these days!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys: Will you be coming for a visit back in St. Pete? Kristel

Lynn said...

Kristel, we should be there the second week of Dec. We have all kinds of fun medical appts that week: colonoscopy, mamogram, tooth cleanings, physicals, etc. We'll bring our industrial size bottle of Captain and hit a Whiny Wed.

Patty said...

Just in case you need some extra motivation, there is a bottle of Captain all ready and awaiting your arrival in MN. See you soon! Love you both!

Steve said...

Private Stock I assume??

Chris said...

Jeez, what a scruffy looking bunch!