Fall in Minnesota. We stopped at the grocery store yesterday and found a wagon full of pumpkins outside. They were huge and shiny clean and $4.99 each. I almost bought one just because I could turn around and put it in our Hyundai. I almost bought one because I wouldn't have to drag it in a cart to the dinghy, hoist it over a side rail and then find somewhere to put it. I almost bought one because we wouldn't have to use it as extra seating. I almost bought one just because they were pretty.


Bob and Kitty said...

Completely understood and hilarious, Lynn. BTW, do you need me to send that beautiful red coat you gave me before you left DC and thought you'd never be cold again?

Anonymous said...

Your looking great Lynn, can't wait to see you in December...Stay warm up there in MN...
Missing you!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Party Update: Dr. P Christmas Part, postponed one week to Dec. 18, 2009....Take your time getting here so you can attend!!!!
Can't wait to see you!
Your Beloved Staff