Damn the Cold Showers!

Long on the list of “good idea’s” I finally got around to making this happen. Yes it may not look like much, but spending some time in a climate slightly cooler than we prefer does help the motivation. This inexpensive little valve and tee, four feet of line, and another tee below the sole make a nice creature comfort. Here’s what it does. Opening this valve for 8-10 seconds diverts water via the tee right below the hot water faucet to a tee into the feed line of the foot pump. The result: hot water right to the sink/shower without wasting a drop. While the hot water line fills with hot from the water heater the cold runs back into the storage tank by way of the foot pump feed.

It always amazes me just how little water is really necessary for a shower when conserving and just how much water the little bitty line from the water heater to the head holds. While I refuse to do the math for a explicit answer, whatever volume the two are, I assure you they are EQUAL! The first drops of “warm” always show up just in time for the second person. No more cold showers.


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! It really bothers me to waste 2 gallons of water waiting for it to get warm enough to enter the shower. I can't wait to install this on my new boat. Thanks

Mark "Wishbone"

Anne and Chris said...

Hot water - it's a good thing!

Patty said...

I'll just say "damn the cold water" whether it be a shower, rain, or snow! Glad you were able to solve the shower part, at least.
Take care.