Twenty-seven degrees and frost on the dock this morning. The sun is out so it won't last long. No matter what, Adjima can always find a sunny spot, out of the wind. We're staying snug, working some long put-off projects, planning and cooking great meals, reading. Steve is working on a sourdough starter ( Yea!), my favorite kind of bread, so much for losing weight.

Soon after tying the dock lines, I woke up in a cold sweat one night, realizing that there is no library in Oriental. A very scary thought for me, my hands were shaking. I've been book rationing ever since. There is a small shelf in the laundry room for cruisers to leave and take books, so far most of them are mine. I may have to dig out my embroidery, if I could just remember where I stashed it.


Anne and Chris said...

No library? There's a winter project for you - getting a library into Oriental. Perhaps even a book-mobile if there's no building available. Everyone needs a library.

Bob and Kitty said...

No library sounds like the makings of a great horror novel, some kind of Stephen King-ish thing. You could write you OWN book. All I gotta say to you kids is e-books. Kindle now has a PC version for free, and there are lots of other ways to get around this, especially given the unlimited power supplies you've got right now. You can subscribe to Netflix and then watch them instantly right on your laptop, or even have them sent to the marina there. It's ok, it's ok. Just keep saying that to yourselves. SO sorry we missed you guys last week while we were in the freezing cold NW.

Carrie said...

Hello Lynn, Thanks for the replys on the website. Carl and I are having a great time with friends, Walt and Pat, on Centime. They have done this many times and this is their last year (grandbabies. By the way, we hear Steve check in with cruisehimers now and then. Please tell him we said hello.

Carrie and Carl

John, Roberta and Freedom said...

OMG! Bummer! I like Kitty's idea...write your own book. You are lots of fun to read...go for it! I'll read it!Good luck! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Steve & Lynn

Keep up the blog we enjoy reading it, the bread looks wonderful!

Happy Holidays

Liz & Dev.
SV Moosetracks.

Katherine said...

Hey Lynn and Steve!!!

We can always exchange books!!! I would have no problem sending you some of my books that I have already read!!! Let me know!!!