We made a stop in Belfast over the weekend. It's a really cool little town. All kinds of quirky stores and interactive art displays. Steve had fun hiding among the carvings outside one shop. The faces on these were very lifelike, each different. The artist must have modeled them on his friends, or maybe relatives, some were pretty funny.

We met a couple in Ocracoke in April, Vaughan and Linda aboard Legacy, who very highly recommended a restaurant in Rockland. They said "BEST sandwich I ever ate". I've been salivating and looking forward to it for almost 5 months now and it lived up to it's hype. We finally made it to the Brass Compass yesterday and partook of their famous Lobster Club BLT. As you can see, it was a tiny little thing, barely enough to get a good taste. It was a very good taste.

Adjima turned 19 yesterday,
she celebrated with a little birthday bacon.
I didn't make her wear her hat or lei this year,
she still hasn't forgiven me for last time.

We had a beautiful thunderstorm roll through early last night. Great clouds and lightning, but it split around Rockland and we didn't even get much wind or rain.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Adjima! Mmmmmm... Bacon!

You guys are having such fun... we need to do some catching up!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthay Adj! Can't believe she's 19 already.

Only 20 days until Boston!

LIz & Devin SV Moosetracks said...

Happy Birthday Adjima, i can't belive it's an entire year snice we saw you compete with b'day Hat!.. we love keeping up with your news keep it up.