Mussel Beach

Mussels by the thousands, free for the taking, which we did.We went mussel collecting at low tide. It was a first for us and we didn't know what to expect. Friends told us where to go and to take a couple of buckets. We found beaches full of mussels, great heaps and dunes of them. I have to admit, they're not my favorite food, but who could resist? Just clean off the barnacles and change the water every couple of hours. Easier still, hang them off the transom in a mesh bag and let them divest themselves of all the grit, then steam and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Yum!! Add some onions and white wine to the steaming liquid and you have a tasty treat. Kristel

Anne and Chris said...

Sounds yummy (this is Chris speaking, not necessarily Anne, although she is willing to try mussels sometime)!