Hello, Good-Bye, Hello Again

We had a lovely visit with Gary and Alex, back in Amesbury, bought a few groceries and headed our for Gloucester. This is a view of the Twin Lighthouses on Thatcher Island on the way around Cape Ann, going south.

We got into Gloucester, listened to the updates on Earl and beat feet back north to a very secure hurricane hole, which just happens to be the mooring we just left, where we are having another lovely visit with Gary and Alex. This is a view of the lighthouses as we passed, again.

Our daughter, Amanda, is flying into Boston tomorrow and we were going to spend the long weekend on a mooring there, exploring the city. Instead, we've rented a car and will pick her up and have a hurricane party. Some people will use any excuse to break out the Captain.


Chris said...

Just when you thought it was safe to go south... Doesn't look too bad for the weekend, though. All the models I've seen say you guys will be out of the major winds... You guys are in a good spot!

Patty said...

Staying safe and with good friends and family sounds good! Say hello to the Captain for me. Miss you.