On The Road Again

We had a great, dark, fast thunderstorm go through this morning, just the thing to watch over my morning coffee, while snug in the cockpit. I like this picture because there were rain drops on the lens and it makes it look otherworldly.

Gloucester, pronounced 'Gloss-ta', or as Amanda preferred 'Glow-chester', is a very old maritime center. They have a memorial along the seawall to all the men who have gone to sea and not returned. The stats are sobering: in over 300 years, 5326 men in all. You can enlarge the photo for more details.
And if the man in the statue looks familiar, this is the home of "Trust the Gordon's Fishermen", the tune which I've had stuck in my head all day. Good luck getting rid of it once it comes to you.


Amanda said...

I love the rain photo, it looks like a cover of a mystery novel.

Lynn said...

That's what I thought, or maybe an old Sci-Fi novel.