Home Again, Part Deux

It's nice to think of St Pete as home, and we've actually lived here longer than anywhere else, so far, in our married lives, more than 5 years.  It's been really fun getting together with all the friends we made over the years here.  Last night Bob and Kitty , of Equinox fame, hosted a dinner at their new home (formerly La Casita Pepto Bismol and now La Casita Elegante) and invited a group of us over for delicious BBQ, salads and numerous desserts. Bob was even nice enough to taxi us there and back.  It was a lively evening, solving the worlds problems and talking sail trim, eating bread pudding and drinking wine. At some point, the wine obviously got the better of us and we ended up in the back yard playing on the zip line that Bob built for their very lucky grandsons. 
 I love this photo, Elise and Penny look like the neighborhood kids playing, and Elise standing there thinking "Auggg, no fair! It's my turn!"
This is Jeff, who lives in England, but has a boat named Jade at the North Dock.  He was here working and visiting his boat for a few days. He's a great guy, well informed and able to hold his own, and his wine, in our vocal crowd-another new friend! And he's a sailor.  A good night all around.


Bob and Kitty said...

Oh boy, we will treasure these pics -- our didn't come out at all! They are hilarious. We had such a great time, and so glad you're home!

Amanda said...

Umm, would this swing by open to family members visiting over the holiday? Looks like fun!