Vero Beach, looking north, Celebration is almost in the middle of the photo, rafted with a 20' black Flicka.

We've finally ripped ourselves out of Velcro Beach and are making our way around The Keys.  Steve needed a couple of days to recover from the delivery trip, the lack of sleep, food, intelligence, took it's toll.  We took some long walks and stocked up on fresh fruit for our jaunt around the Horn of Florida. (I like to call it a 'Horn' because it's the only one I may ever round.) The Vero Beach mooring field was packed, we were 3 or 4 to a ball the whole time we were there.  It's interesting, you're expected to raft up at Vero.  If you're the first one on a ball, you just put your fenders off on the side you want boat #2 to raft to.  Then you both put fenders off on the outside and let boat #3 choose which side to go on. It's a novel way to meet new people, although with a boat on either side, privacy is non existent. We had many, many friends to catch up with and it was great fun to go to the Thursday Happy Hour and see who was there.

The marina grounds were very park like, covered with Live Oaks, which were themselves covered with moss and ferns.

From park like to cruise ships and air pollution.  Steve watched these 5 cruise ships enter port on his night watch off of Port Everglades. They look like birthday cakes at night, all lit up and twinkely. The air over the port was heavy and yellow.

Tonight we're on a mooring ball at Indian Key State Park.  The wind continues to blow and the temps are low.  We'll head north tomorrow and get to St Pete by Friday, ahead of the next Norther. We've reserved a space at Maximo Marina for the next month and we're really looking forward to seeing all our friends there and catching up with them. 

One final note to NOAA:  ahem, this here is My Yam Me, we don't do Ark-tic here, so could you quit sending it?


Bob and Kitty said...

The weather is insane, guys. We are SO hoping for a winter NOT like last winter, but this is kinda scaring us. Cannot wait to see you!

Patty said...

Just hope the snow doesn't follow the cold...they are forecasting 20" (yes, almost two feet) and blizzard conditions for us tomorrow.

Greg and Gail said...

20 inches of snow, the Metro Dome collapsed and -35 wind chill. Yes, please, someone tell them to keep it up there!

Steve said...

Yes keep it there...we'll keep heading south.
Greg and Gail...fellow Minesotans! Yes I am from there too, Lynn from ND. But that's a long time and many moves ago. Love to share a warm anchorage sometime soon.