From Georgetown to…..

We have had a great time in Georgetown. We have met cruisers going north, cruisers going south, cruisers just staying her until, well who knows when. All in all it has been a great week plus. Yesterday was the in-harbor boat race. With the wind direction and the course layout, several boats were going by us on both sides at the same time while we sat at anchor enjoying the show and taking photos.

This was clearly a whole new twist on the rules, using the anchored boats as a “pick” to force another competitor to fall off the wind. Interesting to us is noting a few of the boats were folks we have met over the past couple years and we were fortunate enough to get a few photos of their boats under full sail, rails dipping toward, or at times even under the waterline in their quest toward fame in the “31st Annual George town Cruisers Regatta”.

On the other hand, there are days filled with the daily events of regular life, sometimes made just a bit more difficult by being far from the convenience we have in the US. Couple days ago it was propane day, and we like many others took advantage of the opportunity to fill our cooking tanks not knowing when or if, the next opportunity would come. The photo is if the Prking lot where folks line up hoping the propane truck with actually show up sometime after 1100…oh, and on Wednesday not everyday.

We leave at first light tomorrow. Destination: Rum Cay. How much more appropriate can it all be??

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Chris said...

Onward to Rum Key! You know, there's no rum on rum key... how ironic.

Sounds like you had a time in GT. We are in Boca Chica (love that name... I say it a lot just to sound Spanish...)DR. May buy a new dinghy here, or might wait till PR... Price vs having a dink... Hmmm..

See you down island!