Da Caribbean

After 10 days in the Turks and Caicos, we finally got a good weather window to go east, so we could go south.  We did more than 450 miles in 5 days and fetched Boqueron, Puerto Rico, on Monday morning. We were glad to see land again, but had a very uneventful trip.  We have our watch schedule down pat by now and ate and slept well. I tend to get motion sick if I spend too much time below decks when we're offhsore, so I do most of the cooking before we leave port.  This trip, I made about a gallon of chili and prebaked pizza crusts, Steve baked bread and buns, we dug out nuts, dried fruit and trek mix, made a huge bowl of popcorn (breakfast of champions), had plenty of fruit and salami for snacking. We don't eat much sweet stuff underway, but have plenty of protein and carbs. As always, we ate well.
Adjima claimed her spot on the seaberth and slept almost all the way.  She only weighs 6 pounds but takes up a person size space.  I slept around her, heaven forbid I should make the cat move or make her uncomfortable in any way.
We saw very few other ships, but did see whales, caught fish, had Tropic Birds try to hitchike on the mizzen boom, read books, talked a lot. 
We came into the harbor and there was Mr Mac, our former dock mates from the North Dock. We haven't seen them since November, so we invited ourselves over and got caught up.  They got here by way of the Dominican Republic and had some good tales about the seas and winds around the Hatian end of Hispanola. I don't think they noticed the tracking device we planted in their cockpit.  They only think they'll get away from us at some point.
A Tropic Bird trying to land on the stern.

Cruising is also known as 'boat repairs in foreign places', so here's Steve doing a little repair on the genny in Boqueron harbor.
We plan to spend a few weeks here, touring and fixing, getting our mail sent.  I'm hoping for a little rain today to wash off all the salt.  It's pretty and sparkly, but I can hear it chewing away at the stainless.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Hope we get to see you! We aren't leaving until the 1st or second week of May.


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