For the love of... food.

Ester and Omega ham it up.

They say that an army travels on it's stomach.  The same can be said for a sailboat crew. Especially Steve and I.  We love to eat and cook and are willing to try pretty much anything.  Since retirement, we've found the chance to indulge in our love of perusing grocery store aisles.  Traveling through the Caribbean has added a whole new dimension to this hobby. There are sooo many different nationalities and mixes of cultures, the old blended into the new. The foods are a huge potpourri of tastes, Eastern curries added to Caribbean spices, with a little French sophistication to top it off. We're having a wonderful time here,  spending enough time in one place to really get to sample the local cuisine is  one of the best parts of traveling by slow boat.
Yesterday we started a series of classes given by True Blue Bay Resort.  They're trying to introduce their guests and visiting cruisers to the Grenadian foods and how they're prepared.  The two ladies who do the classes were funny and friendly and really enjoyed being in front of the group. Their banter and obvious love of cooking was great to see.  It was very informal and we could ask questions throughout it all.  The bar served rum punch and cold Carib beer.  At the end we each got a plate of Mahi Mahi on a delicious passion fruit sauce and topped with a Sambal of cucumber and green peppers.  Don't know what a Sambal is? Neither did I.  Now I do!  It's basically a salsa but made with tamarind nectar, Asian chili sauce and fish sauce.  Delicious, well except for those yucky green peppers, but Steve ate those.  The recipes are available on the link above.  Enjoy.


Anne and Chris said...

Okay, so is this the menu when we get back together? Sounds delicious!

John, Roberta and Freedom said...

Sounds amazing...What fun to be able to stay long enough to take cooking classes..Love it!!