Some of you may have noticed that the 'Adjima counter' on the right side of the blog has clicked over into another year, another decade.  I thought long and hard about how to celebrate this milestone. I don't think Adj enjoyed the party and hats as much as I did last year.  She's not much into company or surprises, unless they're food.  She has a favorite blanket.  We grow grass for her to graze upon.  She only has to open her mouth and we put food in it. What more could a cat want?  I could come up with nothing.
In the end, she had a little catnip and fresh tuna, curled up with blankie, covered her face and took a nap.


Anne and Chris said...

Happy birthday, Adjima!

Anonymous said...

Adjima looks like she enjoyed her birthday. What a great cat. Happy Birthday Adjima.