Back in the Saddle Again

19 Days, 3 hours and a few minutes....but who's counting? Well, everyone that's been to the yard can appreciate being back in the water again.

Even if you've never been to the yard, imagine leaving your home for three weeks and coming back to a dusty, dirty, floor boards up, plumbing not connected, mattresses on edge kind of mess. Two days of being in the water and nearly all is forgotten...and the cat (Adjima) is way happy again.

Changed all through-hulls, pulled and replaced the rudder pins, fixed a few ugly spots on her bottom, and got a new coat of anti fouling paint. Lots of work, but no way it could have gotten done without some great friends and help. Dennis who came by at least every other day to find more spots for us to fix...(actually I'm convinced it was to make sure we weren't getting in WAY over our heads), Jeff and Elise who offered us rooms, Bob and Kitty who came by to roll on glass...and offer moral support "this too shall pass", Barnacle Bill with the prop, Rick (Gulf Port Machine) great work with all the precision parts and timely response EVERY time we needed it, Bill and Gary who were somehow coerced into removing (hammering, drilling, grinding, prying, wedging, lifting!) the rudder for inspection, and everyone else....in the end, I don't believe a day went by that a friend didn't stop to see how we were doing.

So we're not looking back...well only this once... at the spot of dust that remains where our little ship Celebration sat in the yard out of her element for those 19 days. Thanks to all of our friends she, and we, are on the water again.

Thank you,

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Bob and Kitty said...

Congrats, guys! A gigantic pain, but we know you know the boat's now in excellent shape and you won't worry about it when you take off. We're hauling next week, and were getting worried we'd see you there . . .