Hauling Out, The Romance Continues

A "haul out" for those not nautically inclined, means taking the boat out of the water and getting at all those parts usually underwater. We haven't had Celebration out of the water since we bought her, 6 years ago and she was due for a bottom job, new thru hulls and some rudder work.
This was all new to me, this process of lifting a boat out of the slip with a crane and a giant set of slings. I tried not to get in the way, taking pictures.

She was power washed and put into her temp home in the boatyard. Steve's been grinding out the blisters (paint bubbles) and getting the hull ready for new paint. She's is really good shape for not having new paint for 8 years. We've had plenty of help, both advice and physical labor-wise, and appreciate it all. Well, most of it, some of the yard guys know EVERYTHING, and love to share (and share and share).

We're staying with friends, Jeff and Elise, who have a hostel for wayward sailors. They even have a dog to pet. Good company, good food, we may not leave. We could have stayed aboard in the yard, but sharing a bathroom with 25 of my best guy friends, a lot of whom can't seem to hit the middle of the toilet, just isn't my thing. They do have one nice set of teeth between them, though.

It's dirty,dusty, hot work. I'm really glad it's March and not August.


Bob Betting said...

Highly interesting and entertaining!

Please keep them coming.

Thank you Lynne & Steve.

Bob betting

Amanda said...