I found this long haired, bearded man in the engine room. He was working hard, so I let him stay. It's a good thing Steve has knees that can bend backward, telescope into themselves, and sometimes detach. He can get into the smallest places to work. Here, he's installing the thru hulls in the engine room, next to Nanni, the diesel. Nanni is our new marinized Kubota engine, very shiny. Steve installed Nanni, too. He attached his legs to his torso so he could spend days leaning over and hooking up all the brackets, hoses, etc, that had to be installed. I didn't get any photos of that.

Pepe made a break for it today. Pepe is a little dog on one of the boats in the Salt Creek Marina, where we're still on the hard. He sits on the bow of his boat, looking at the finger pier, wanting to go for a walk.
Today the wind was from the east, blowing the boat as close to the pier as it can ever get. Pepe sat there looking, then stood, looking undecided, worried. The boat bounced back and forth a few times as he got his courage up. He jumped for it, landing on the 18 inch wide plank with a skid. One quick look back at the boat, and he was off. I was watching all this as I was hand sanding the dent in the bow of our boat caused by my head, when he went by, tongue out, smiling, laughing. He kept going, taking the corner by the office at a fast trot. Minutes went by. He was discovered missing. He was brought back in disgrace, stubby tail between his legs. Now he sits, his back to us all, waiting for another east wind.


Amanda said...

I believe Fort Something could also be Fort Richardson, NJ. Love the Pepe story!

Lynn said...

Ft Rich is in Alaska, but you did help me remember that it's Fort Dix! Thanks. Pepe is back to normal today.

Patty Duenow said...

Thanks for a wonderful dose of laughter! I love your stories! If I were Pepe, though, I wouldn't be making a break for it,I would be staying forever on that boat, enjoying the wind and waves and sun at some human's expense. Love to you and my long-haired, bearded brother. Take care.

Equinox Crew said...

Steve is starting to get that I've-been-in-the-boatyard-just-a-little-too-long-and-am-beginning-to-crack look to him. Hope you make your escape soon. Absolutely hilarious description of how you guys are doing, tho!
Kitty and Bob