Sunny Days

We took some time off this morning (I know, gasps all around) and walked out to the end of The Pier to watch the start of the St Petersburg Yacht Club's Regatta Del Sol Al Sol (that's spanish for 'from the sun, to the sun'). It's a sailboat race from the SPYC to Isla Mujeres, off Cancun, Mexico. It's 400 miles and takes from 3 to 9 days, depending on the winds. It was a spectacular day, clear, sunny, sparkling. The wind was noticeably missing, though, and it was a slow start.
The view made it all worthwhile, looking out over Tampa Bay. We spotted a pelican on the way home who wasn't too impressed with much of anything. I thought our cat liked to sprawl in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
It was a beautiful weekend, thanks for your hospitality. Best wishes,

Don and Laurie Walker
s/v Laurie Lee
MacDill AFB, FL

Anonymous said...

Ah, slacking on the boat preparations, huh? I don't blame you - it's getting really old on this end, too. We just want to go!!

Soon, soon!
Anne and Chris

Lynn said...

Don and Laurie, great to meet you,too, you'll soon be following in our wake. Keep in touch.
Chris and Anne, You know Steve,
he just can't seem to stay on track and get anything done, I always have to be cracking the whip. Luckily, he likes that sort of thing.

COLIN said...

I had a hard time finding this site, but finally got it figured out. Hang on to the face masks I saw you wearing in one of the photos! It was hard for me to recognize you in one of the photos until I realized that you are now blonde! You're heading to Maine? My sister Cindy lives there. I will keep checking on your progress! Colin

Equinox Crew said...

Fabulous pelican picture! SO cool! You guys deserve a break.

Anonymous said...

Steve and Lynn, you two are so lucky. Its been along time, good luck with your adventures. Steve, your ambition with things like this boat re-build started when you re-built that 240Z I think....I will be watching you....Patrick S.

ps, meet you in Costa Rica some time ?

Steve said...

Patrick S. as in VCSC 1979? WoW! Costa Rica is a maybe...we've actually considered Rio for a significant B-Day in Jan of 2001.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he's drunk!

Moe Wick said...

Do you know the old expression; "What do you call two sailboats on the water?"

A Race.

We are now in the Bahamas going south. Where are you?

...and where's your brother, Tom?