A Celebration

As Farewell Parties go, this one may
have been the hardest. We've moved away from
homes and friends many, many times in the last 25 years, (16 times at last count, courtesy of the Air Force) but none as special as the ones we're leaving now. The party was just exactly right: great friends, great food, as always, a bit of quirkiness-the conch blowing (spitting?) contest at sundown, laughter. We will miss you all. Thank You to Ellen, Kristyl, Charlie for setting it all up, Walter for the wonderful cake, Bob for the grilling, Karen and Kitty for the liquid libations, Dema for the white chocolate sailboat and everyone else for the massive amounts of food. Some of the chocolate sailboat was left this morning, but not much else. Thanks for starting our 'Bon Voyage' off on the right note.


moe@wadda.org said...

Now that you've had your Bon Voyage you're invited to join the VCYC (Valley City Yacht Club).

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Bon Voyage party. We're all envyous and will live vicariously through your blogs...have a great time. Keep us all posted.
Ellen & Gordon

Anonymous said...

You deserved a great party. Both of you will be missed. Enjoy yourselves. Keep us informed of how you are doing. Good Luck and Fair Winds. Kristel