Time To Make Like The Birds

Our morning coffee is getting later and later as Fall progresses. Now instead of getting up very early to beat the heat, one of us usually stays in bed until the coffee is brewed and the sun is starting to warm things up. The nights have been getting into the 50's, wonderful sleeping weather. The water temp is warmer than the air, so the mornings are lovely and misty. Steve is freezing his little tush, so it's finally time to leave our nice anchorage and trundle south.

We left Weems Creek in Annapolis this morning and did the "Trifecta" on our way out of town. According to Bob and Kitty, this is where you fill with diesel, fill the water tank and empty the holding tank. We also filled the dingy gas cans and have clean laundry! For a day or so, we are ahead of the game. We put down anchor in the Rhodes River where we'll spend the week at the SSCA Gam. It'll be great to watch the other boats come in and see who we recognize. A lot of people we've just heard in the radio, so nice to put a face with the voice.

Last weekend, my friend Kathy came from Alexandria, VA. She was our first overnight guest since we left Florida. Kathy and I worked together, once upon a time. We broke out the Captain, the good stuff, the Private Stock, and proceeded to catch up. As you can see, the Captain and I got along very well. It was great to see you again, Kathy, come back any time!


Equinox Crew said...

Fall? Progress? What's fall? We've forgotten. Predicted high is 92 today. We are all sweating our butts off and just want to get below 90. Seems like a modest request for the 4th week of September . . . but not in Florida. Capt. B keeps muttering about Maine next summer. What a gorgeous picture. Have fun at the gam. Sounds like great fun.

Amanda said...

Mom, you're such a goof. Hannah must have gotten that gene.

The leaves here are starting to change and one day we'll wake up and they'll all be red and yellow. It's beautiful and I wish it lasted longer.

I have Captain in the cupboard but nothing to mix it with. Just ice? Risky, but it was a really long day.

Stay warm!