Oysters, Crab Legs and Shrimp, Oh My

We're still in Annapolis, mostly because of the Sunday Brunch at Buddy's Crabs and Ribs. All kinds of seafood, the usual breakfast stuff (all you can eat bacon), fresh fruits, omelet bar, desserts. We are making it a habit to go for our (only) Sunday meal. It helps if we also walk there, about a 4-5 mile round trip.
We borrowed our friend Louise's car today and did some major resupplying at the Naval Commissary. There was barely room in the dingy for us. What you can't see is the first layer of wine under all the groceries. Then 2 hours to put it all away. One of our daughters (Amanda? Hannah?) once said that we live in a puzzle, after watching the grocery-putting-away-fun. Open this, but first move that, take off those cushions and open the settee, stack things here but not there, because we need to open that, too. Then, the hardest part of all, remembering where it all went. Such is the life of a live aboard sailor.
We've been very busy this week. The cooler weather is wonderful! We varnished, took the wind generator down and put it back up, finished the new sail and roller furling and installed it all. The wind gen is still not behaving right, so we're awaiting parts. Cool again today, a little rainy, just my kind of weather.


Anonymous said...

I too love this fall weather even the overcast rainy kind. The air smells so crisp. I bet it is even better near the water.
Just to make you all feel better I will report on my very long commute the last few days. We are down to one car for a few days. The truck has decided to drop into 4 wheel drive for no apparent reason. Magic! Any way I have been bringing Mike to work so I can pick Will up. Mike has a reverse commute which is pretty decent for around here. It takes him about a half hour. Coming home for me has taken about an hour and a half each day and I am not even getting into the city. So sail away!!!


Lynn said...

sounds like you need a little time on the water yourself, some out this weekend and we will relax you.

Anne and Chris said...

When we were in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, I stocked up on 2-buck Chuck at Trader Joe's. Our wine cellar is full, but I can always find more room for a good deal!

Looking forward to seeing you guys at the gam!

Anne and Chris

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