We've been back in Annapolis for a week now and are finishing some of the projects we set for ourselves. The nice weather means only one thing: varnish. Ours has been neglected for about a year now and with a gathering of sailors coming up, we need to be spit polished! Steve stripped and we sanded. Two coats of cetol, so far. Today the weather is too blustery and rainy, darn. So out came the sail. We're changing a sail from hank-on to roller furling. If you sail, you know what I mean, if you don't sail, you should. Anyway, lots of sewing on a very crispy 43' x 20' x 39' sail, in a room that's 10 x 12. We have a Sears Kenmore machine, that my mom bought in about 1965. It needs a little help every now and then, as you can tell by the specialised "sewing tools" on the table. It's definately a two person job: tape a few feet, feed it through while holding down the presser foot with the large screw driver, wrestle some more into place, tape a few more feet. I like to think of it as quality time with my spouse.


Equinox Crew said...

No wonder you let that hairy guy on your boat continue to stay. He is so multitalented. Just keep saying to yourselves, "What would Joe and Vicki do?" They'd do it themselves, obviously. Nice job guys. Rollerfurling sounds awesome. We would not know.

Chris said...

Can I invite him over to my boat? I have accomplished very little this summer. I keep telling myself I'll get around to it... My teak is still ugly.

Patty said...

I'm sure my brother got his sewing skills from his older sister! Ha! Ha! Love to you both

P.S. fall decided to stay away for awhile. 85 and humid this week.

Amanda said...

Varnishing? That reminds me of the time I dropped the sander in the water! Sorry again dad.

I liked the prior post on money in exchange for life units. Makes me inspired to amp up my monthly savings and retire early :)

Love you!

Steve said...

OK I'll admit it...I'm falling from the purist ranks. We love to sail offshore. But we have learned with a crew of just two, no one really wants to go up and change out a sail at 3 AM when the weather picks up nor wants to wake up the other so we can go forward. (Our rule: can't leave the cockpit at night without someone elso topside...we both do sleep better knowing our partner will be there when we get up for our next watch!) I ran across a new Profurl C-420 for our inner stay for $900. Another $200 for some turnbuckle, etc changes and it all went on here at anchor in about a day. Took the sail in and they quoted $800 for removing the hanks, grommets, rope, installing 41 feet of #6 luff tape and adding the 20 in strip of sunbrella to the leech and foot. Ouch!! Not a chance.

Trip to Sailrite: Luff tape $2.20/ft, about $15 for some new needles and a spool of V-92 thread, roll of basting tape and three yards of Sunbrella to add to the three we had on board. Less then $200. Seam ripper and a pair of Vise-Grips took care of the hanks and grommets. Of course there is the time...but a bunch of that is offset in my book by the education. Luff is done...got half the Sunbrella on today, We should be ready to rock soon.