Home Again

We just returned to Celebration after almost a month and 4200 miles, on the road. We rented a car and went to Minnesota and North Dakota to see our families. It was GREAT to see everyone! All of our nieces and nephews are getting older and TALLER, pretty soon, my mom and I will be the shortest ones in the family. It was really wierd to be coming 'home' and need a map to get here though. Home has always been wherever we are and now home is wherever Celebration is, even if it's in the boonies of North Carolina.
We love road trips and had a good time taking the side and back roads across the country. Steve had never been to West Virginia, so we did a lot of meandering through the hollers. Beautiful country, the leaves are still changing color there.
We had a chance to stop at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. Steve had been there years ago and always wanted to go back. It's a wonderful place and rivals the Smithsonian's Air and Space in DC. So much history, we could have spent 2 days there. The photo is from a nose of a B-29 and seemed appropriate, since we've been trying to decide if we should stay here in Oriental for the winter or go south for the winter.

We didn't actually flip a coin, but finally did decide to stay put. We really like it here and the marina is nice and the people are nice... lots of good reasons. We may have to buy another space heater, though.
Steve's Dad is doing well for now, his appetite seems to be getting better. He starts radiation today on some of the tumors in the bones in his back, a way to maybe get the pain under more control. Thanks to everyone for your concern and thoughts.


Patty said...

So glad to read that you are safely home again. It was so great to spend time with you both. Take care.

Carrie & Carl said...

Lynn, good to see the new blog and glad that you guys are doing well, even if you are going to stay up here in the cold! Carl and I are in Beaufort NC waiting for a weather window for outside. It's nice staying in touch with the blogs, we often check yours to see how you are doing.


Anne and Chris said...

Hey guys! Glad to see you're back aboard. A space heater is a good idea - it was getting cold even when we were still up there. We just hit the Bahamas yesterday (not literally, but we came within 0.8 feet under the keel once), and it's quite warm. If you need to warm up for a few day, you're welcome to come by!

Equinox Crew said...

Happy to hear you guys have returned home. I cannot imagine a better place to stay than Oriental. It's a sailor's paradise, for sure. Sounds like a great plan. You guys can become regulars at the Bean, just like all the other locals. What fun! Hope Celebration is doing well and that you're settling in. Cannot wait to see you when you're down here. Everybody on the North Dock misses you guys!

John, Roberta and Freedom said...

We are so glad to get an update from you guys. It is nice to see everyone and catch up. It is good to hear that Steve's Dad has a bit of an appetite....keep fighting. We will miss you in the Bahamas....stay warm and know that you are in our thoughts.