Mike Kauffmann Memorial Tractor Ride

Today is the Mike Kauffman (my late Dad) Memorial tractor ride in Arlington, MN. It’s being done by the local IH Collector Club and culminates with a bonfire/wiener roast/BBQ at the farm. We hope all the family and friends are there and having a good ride. Our thanks to all the club and best to Mom, sorry we’re not there in person. We’re with you all in spirit.

We’re lying at anchor in Seal Bay, Vinalhaven. Since my update, we spent a couple days at Wooden Boat School, sailed Eggemoggin Reach to Castine where we spent a couple nights. Yesterday a wonderful (although slow) wing-on-wing downwind sail to Seal Bay. Air Card is barely reaching out so more updates and photo’s later.


Bob Dewald said...

What country is this in? I have never heard of any of these places. Not a surprise being a Southern boy I guess. Are ya'll still in sight of Maine?

Steve said...

Bob...Yes we are! Good to hear from you. Right now sitting in the North Haven Community Center bogarting the free Wi-Fi. No serviced on our cells at the moment so doing what we can to stay in touch. Heading to Ilesboro around wed...or wenever the next front blows through. Hi to Jolene from Lynn and I!