Sunset over Vero, from the cockpit, with wine.
I took the bus to the shopping area yesterday, just to see what was there.  I really was just looking, I have a 'buy one: get rid of one' rule, and don't have anything I want to get rid of at the moment.  If you haven't taken public transportation lately, let me refresh your memory, it's highly entertaining.  People will say the most personal, intimate things on their cell phones while riding on a full bus.  The woman next to me was having a very loud discussion, obviously about sex, with her boyfriend, L'roy, and was upset that I was avidly listening (it was a very long ride).  She finally turned her back to me, no easy feat in a bus seat, and said to L'roy "The woman next to me is listening to my private conversation!"  There was laughter from the entire bus, even the driver.  And from several rows back came "Hon, we all gettin' turned on heah!" 
Last night was Happy Hour at the dock and tonight I'm going to a birthday party on Blackfoot.  The social life continues and will just get busier as more boats arrive in anticipation of the Thanksgiving party next week. 


Anne and Chris said...

We hear the announcement of the Vero Beach Thanksgiving Day bash on Cruiseheimers every day, so I'm sure it will be a great time. So funny about the bus; did you give her any tips?

Greg said...

Saw your boat from the ICW as we passed by today. Gave you a shout on the VHF but you must have been in town. We love ridding the local buses, it always seems to give one a bit of humility doesn't it? Hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving get together, and good luck on ripping yourself loose from "Velcro Beach". It's sometimes hard to do.

Jim P said...

Now I have a reason to ride a bus!