Vero Beach

The view off the stern of Vero, with  Mr Mac rafted alongside.
  About a month ago, we were having dinner with our friends, Ken and Cynthia, in Oriental.  Ken mentioned that he was helping another friend deliver a boat from Beaufort, NC, to St Thomas in the USVI's.  They needed another crew. Steve and I had a head to head in the corner and Steve was in. It meant, though, that we had to get the boat south to Florida, so as not to be freezing our tushes trying to get out of NC at the end of November when he (Steve) returned.  We did 4 days on the ICW and then jumped offshore and came to Florida.  Found out the trip was delayed because of hurricane Tomas.  Came farther south.  Found out that Steve was bumped from the trip because they found local crew and wouldn't have to buy plane tickets.  We headed to the GAM in Melbourne, which was the original plan. Got to Melbourne.  Steve got a call from the captain, was he still interested?  The local crew had backed out.  So the next day he flew out and Sunday they left the coast, heading east across the gulf stream and then south on I65.  65 is the latitude that runs north and south through the Caribbean and so many boats go that way that it's referred to as an interstate.  In all, about a 10-12 day trip.
So that left me in Melbourne all by my lonesome.  Well, except for the 15 other boats in the anchorage who were also heading south.  I jumped in line behind Mr Mac and followed them here to Vero Beach.  It's the first time I've managed the boat on my own and I had very shaky hands for the whole 2 days we took to get here, trying to remember all the things that Steve does and all the things I usually do when we get under way, turn this on, turn that off.  I was very pleased with myself when I wrapped the mooring line around the cleat here in Vero and could take a deep breath for the first time since I found out that Steve was leaving.  It's actually not such a big thing, kind of like driving to school the first time after you get your license and you think that every one is watching you.

Adjima, being very concerned about my driving.
 So Adjima and I are going to enjoy Vero Beach, or Velcro Beach as it's called, for the next 10 days.  It's so nice and the grocery and shopping are so handy and there's a free bus, people come here and never leave.  Just about everyone we know will be going through here at some time or other and I hear they have a great Thanksgiving party. Steve should get back sometime Thanksgiving weekend.


Patty said...

Way to go, girl! I always knew you were amazing.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome lady. Now sit back with a few cold ones and enjoy. You deserve it. Happy Turkey Day. Kristel

Equinox Crew said...

My god, Lynn, I bow to you. That is absolutely amazing. NICE WORK!

Karen said...

Wow, Lynn!

How exciting for you to accomplish handling your beautiful sailboat!

Steve had better watch out or he may be taking orders from Captin Lynn if he doesn't get back soon!