Next Chart Please

     Kind of a special day of sorts as we dug out the next small scale chart for the Caribbean Sea—Eastern Part. We’d moved completely through the Key West to San Juan chart since January and risked falling off the edge of the earth, or the saloon table in this case, if we didn’t do something. As you can see, it is as big as the saloon table if we chose not to fold, staple, or otherwise mutilate in order to see and use just what is necessary and still get around the boat. Key west to San Juan doesn’t look nearly this “clean”, lots of marks, plots, and yes folds…gasp. We also are out of the neat little chart-books so popular in the US and have had to resort to our well used…not so much by us yet…Imray-Iolair black and white reprint charts. Thank you Fred!
    Last night a great evening with Chris and Anne (Mr Mac) having pasta with tomato and meat sauce under the stars, followed by a slow row around Bahia Fosforrencente before retiring. Tomorrow it’s up anchor early to get our 12 miles of easting to the next little island set before the trade winds pick up…usually around 0900.

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