Beaufort to BVI's - Day 2

The most recent update from the Celebration crew:  Also, if you haven't checked out the GPS tracking map on the Salty Dawg site, do it!  It updates constantly, very cool to see where all the different boats are.  http://www.hawketracking.org/saltydawg/files/trackinglarge.htm

Hello All,
We're well into day 2 and all is well. Winds are clocking more from the ENE so we're heading SE on a nice reach. Good stirfry last night, maybe again today, to eat up the cabbage.

We dropped a Message in a Bottle in the gulf stream on friday night at 2310 for Jim, Beth and Cameron on Wild Haggis. Coordinates N33.56.628 W075.23.182. no pictures taken due to darkness.

We also had a burial at sea for our hitch hiker bird, he was dead on deck yesterdy morning. Sad to see.

So we're just bopping along, making good way. Everyone is sleeping well and eating pretty well, I broke out the first bag of jerky today. Good stuff, nice and salty.

Lynn, Steve and Gary


Jim P said...

Good to hear. From the Salty Dawg tracking, progress looks good. Thanks for dropping the bottle!
Best wishes from Wild Haggis crew.

S/V THALIA said...

Glad to hear you are all doing okay. You have certainly been our main topic of discussion, as in "where do you think they are now?". Sorry we missed the send off. Guess that means we will see you down south!
Fair winds, Judy and Pat, s/v Thalia

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