Day 9.

Nov 17th
Hi All,

A very squally day today for Steve's birthday. He only got a power bar for lunch today and maybe for dinner, too. I do have a bag of Oreo's stashed for the occasion, if only I could get to them without falling headfirst into the cabinet under the sette. I think we'll celebrate when we get to the Bitter End.

We've had lots of rain and wind to 27kts for alot of the day. Everytime I think all the salt water is washed out of the cockpit, we get another large splash over the side and have to start drying everything out again. We may have to go to the dock when we get in, just to wash the salt out of
everything. Me included.

We added Gary to the watch schedule after a couple days of tutoring. He has the 9-12pm watch, then I have 12-4 or 4:30 and Steve gets the 4:30 onward one. Having a third crewmwmber makes such a difference, it's wonderful to feel rested during the day and to have the extra muscle.

We're all ready to get into the BVI's and quit bashing about for awhile. I just want to sit on a chair that isn't moving, cold libation at hand. But all is well here and we're moving on.

Later, Lynn


Jim said...

Happy Birthday Steve! Sorry the weather gods do not want to give you a break. Water so high here you might think we gave a hurricane coming our way.:) More to celebrate when you reach BVI, huh? Thanks to you and Lynn for keeping the log going. Fun to follow from a distance.

S/V THALIA said...

Happy birthday Steve! One to remember for sure! We heard you on our SSB 11/16,Fri., checking in with your lat/ long in the morning. Very exciting to hear your voice. We hailed you this morning prior to check in but no response. We will keep trying. We are back at the marina, loving the new engine. Be safe.
Judy and Pat

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