Waiting on Weather in Oriental

Sunset over Oriental.

I think I've used that title before. We always seem to spend lots more time in Oriental than we planned.  We actually had a party the other night and decided to call it the "Hotel California Party: check in any time you like, but you can never leave." Those of us here at the dock, waiting out Sandy, have all spent at least an extra week.  It looks like we'll be able to hit the road by Thursday night.  We'll head out to Beaufort and refuel then head right for Virgin Gorda, in the BVI's.  Our crew, my brother Gary, is here and settling into his spacious suite.  We're well provisioned, but getting low on rum, and getting cold. It's time to go south.
Our daughter, Amanda, is going to post blogs for us again. If anyone is interested in following the rally, you can track our progress here.  Go to Fall Rally  >Daily Logs From the Fleet and > Follow the Fleet.  We'll try to update our log there and here as often as we can.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe and enjoyable voyage guys. Take care. Kristel

Jim P said...

An ominous voice that sounds a bit like Bela Lugosi says, "That is correct. You can never leave." But we will bid you fair winds anyway. Just not Quite yet.

glenda S said...

I found your blog to be extremely helpful. I am curious to know how much higher grocery items are in the islands. I know you dont remember me, but we had breakfast at Harveys on morning. (7 seays)

Janice & Bob - Tsamaya said...

what a beautiful sunset - that one is especially beautiful! Safe travels!!

Jaxson Corey said...

Great post on journaling, Carrie. I have only tried this after completing my book, usually for character blog posts. Most times my books evolve from an idea or story question, and the characters evolve from that...except with Renner. He was Trey's partner in Journey's End, and I knew as soon as he hit the page that he'd star in his own book.
Thanks for sharing your method, Carrie. I shall try this. :-)
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