Annapolis by Water

Lynn and I had visited Annapolis many times and every time we had we walked along the waterfront and wondered just what it would be like....someday...to sail into here. Well, today is the day and here is the view of that same downtown waterfront from the mooring field.

Indicative of our late trust in the weather/wind forecasts of the Chesapeake, we went to bed last night expecting the forecast to change. We left the dinghy in the water and the rest of Celebration pretty unprepared for sailing out with the easterlies forecast. Getting up this morning to find easterlies, we hoisted the dink and the anchor, preparing the rest as we motored out of Solomons sipping the first coffee. Turned into an excellent morning sail up the bay, 5 1/2 knots against a 9/10ths knot current. Like all things, it couldn't last and the last few hours turned into a gentle motor-sail as the breeze laid down, then turned slightly enough from the north to make a straight sail untenable. At that point the current was well with us so an idle of Nanni was all it took to pick up a mooring before 1730 and sit back to evening cocktails.

N 38 deg 58.424 min
W 76 deg 28.833 min


Bob and Kitty said...

Hey, guys! There you are! We were wondering where you'd gone to. We understand how cool it is to finally arrive someplace by water that you've seen a bunch of times on land. Totally diff perspective. We've never made it Annapolis by boat, tho. Bet it's great. Everything within walking distance, it seems.

John, Roberta and Freedom said...

Pretty cool! Annapolis...the mecca for sailors. What a great place!Have fun...see ya soon...