Just Some Stuff

Annapolis has been great. Our friends, Alison and Mike, came for dinner, they drove all the way from Alexandria, VA, on a weeknight! If you've ever driven in DC, you know how amazing that is. It was wonderful to see them again and catch up and eat a lot and drink some wine.

We also made it to the weekly SSCA breakfast where we had a chance to meet some other cruisers. A BIG THANK YOU to Al and Marianne for their help in getting our propane tank filled.

This photo is just for Hannah. We saw Les Miserables on Broadway for my 40th birthday and have been singing the songs ever since.
This has nothing to do with Annapolis, but we came by this no longer used lighthouse on the way up the Chesapeake. I just was really impressed by anyone brave enough to use the bathroom, the little precariously balanced port-a-potty 20 feet above the water.

This also has nothing to do with where we are now, but we got waked by a sub on our way out of Norfolk. It was VERY cool.

We left downtown Annapolis and anchored in Weems Creek, just on the west side of town, off the Severn River. It's only a 15 minute dinghy ride to the city center, but a world away. There are huge homes up on the riverbanks, with big yards, docks. It's pretty, with lots of Osprey and ducks. Today we hiked to Bacons, a legendary marine store. Some of their stuff is new, some used, some consigned. We spent a lot of time browsing and discussing. It was a good walk combined with boat stuff, it doesn't get any better.


Amanda said...

I have to wonder what the point of a port-o-potty like that is when you could just pee off the deck and have the same affect.

Miss you!

Steve said...

Pretty much the same thing...this "port-o-potty" has a hole straight through the bottom.

Hannah V. said...

Two! four! six! oh! Oooooooonnnnneeeeeeeeeee!

I miss you, thanks for the photo shout out! See you soon!