Small World, Big SSCA

We arrived Solomons MD late on Thursday 16 July, checked the mail and saw that our cruising friends and fellow SSCA members John and Roberta, S/V Freedom, had just been here....looked up in the morning from our coffee to see the image posted here...yes the stern of their beautiful boat. Unfortunately we learned they are away for a few days and we'll miss them... this time.

Next was a dingy visit from Frank and Joanne, S/V Fantasy Island, SSCA members who on noticing our SSCA burgee stopped by to say hi. For us new-bees it was a welcome visit. They provided a couple tips and local knowledge from their experience cruising that have proven very helpful in our short stay here. Tomorrow, we'll hit the Tiki Bar, one of our all time favorite people watching spots. Then if the weather actually develops into something sailable, we'll head north toward Annapolis. Meanwhile we are enjoying the festivities of the Screwpile Lighthouse Regatta as we relax.

N 38 deg 20.309 min
W 76 deg 27.578 min

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Anne and Chris said...

We anchored one night at Solomon's, and look forward to going back to spend more time. You'll have to fill us in on the particulars.

Have fun!