Still Pond and Artillery

The Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay says about this part of the upper bay, "warm sunny days and comfortable nights for sleeping, with only the occasional shower and thunderstorm" . It also says that after said 'occasional thunderstorm' : "The best part of these experiences is the grand finale-a scarlet blaze of sunset and cool air that promises a pleasant nights sleep". I think these writers also write romance novels, gag. Anyway, so far, we've had daily thunderstorms that end early enough for the sun to come back out and steam it up again and then the wind dies so it stays nice and steamy when we go to bed.
We anchored last night at Still Pond, a beautiful cove off the main channel, just before the daily storm. We had just enough time to run up to the beach, in the picture above and collect a few shells and rocks. It then rained off and on until after dark. We awoke to the sound of machine guns and grenades, courtesy of the Aberdeen Proving Ground, across the Bay. This is where the Army tests EVERYTHING. Of course it's all restricted, so we can't go over and accidentally blow our selves up.
Tonight we're in Chesapeake City, just inside of the canal that goes between the north ends of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. The canal is 13 miles long and was built in 1829. We'll go from there down the Delaware and on to Cape May, NJ. Lots of ducks here, they came out to say Hi to Adjima. She wasn't sure what to think of them, she just stared for a long time. Maybe remembering some long ago meal of pate.


Don said...

I've been following your and Uhane's logs this summer, great to see you making your way north. Sorry it's so hot, you never can believe those cruising guides! Bet its hotter down here. Anyway, do you know what happened to Uhane? They haven't updated their log in about 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of the bird! Sorry it is so steamy but I know it will be beautiful in Cape May. Mike and I stayed at the Rhythm of the Sea on our honeymoon (no jokes from the peanut gallery!) The owners at the time had an awesome old sailboat they soemtimes rented out to people. We've always meant to go back. I eagerly await the description of the canal journey. Sounds fun to me!


Lynn said...

It IS better in Cape May! Someone sailed by and said "Welcome to New Jersey!" before we even got the anchor down. Much cooler, too. Very long day, though, 78 miles. Time for rum and a sandwich.

Equinox Crew said...

That IS a long day, but there isn't much choice -- no place to stop after Chesapeake City! We're trying to be sympathetic about the heat, but can you beat this: 91 degrees, 80% humidity? At least we've got breeze, and lots of it, most of the time. Truly the hottest place we ever cruised was the York River, so there's just no escaping it this time of year. Have fun in Cape May!

Anne and Chris said...

Thunderstorm seems to have been the forecast for our entire trip! We're supposed to get one this afternoon.