Days in Cape May

Steve found a small tear in the jib last week and took advantage of the nice weather here in Cape May to effect repairs up on the bow. We're anchored right in front of the Coast Guard station here, that's the Vigorous in the back. We've heard some complaining from fellow cruisers, but we LIKE hearing reveille and the national anthem in the morning and retreat in the evening. Just like the good old days. Of course, if I could sleep in past 6:00, I might feel differently.

YOU wanna go to this beach? You wanna go to THIS beach? You wanna go to this BEACH? It seems you have to pay to access the beaches here in New Jersey. We met William, the mafia, er,access guard, on our walk yesterday. We had thought to take an early morning walk in the sand, but no. We politely declined to pay $10 for the privilege and walked the promenade instead. The view is great on both sides of the walkway, a distant view of the water on the left and the beautiful houses on the right. We had a nice lunch outside and made it home before the rain. I was feeling strange last night, and then realized I was COLD (sorry Bob and Kitty). I had to put on a jacket and actually slept under the covers. WOW was that nice.

In regard to the last blog entry, the provisioning we did before we left St Pete was extensive. This accounts for the large grocery $$$. The grocery category includes everything edible and personal. I set a level of stores I thought we should keep, about 6 months worth, and stocked up. For example, we carry 12 cans of tomatoes. When we use a can or two, we replace them, that way I always know what we have on board. And in case we get a wild hair and decide to set out across the Atlantic, we're prepared.


Equinox Crew said...

Cold? Blanket? OMG, we haven't slept with SHEETS on in two months. So jealous! Great picture of the intrepid Steve repairing the sail. He is truly an amazing guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot about the extortion money in Cape May. I think that is why Mike and I walked all the way to the light house and back to get our moneies worth!

Hope your repairs go well.
PS I loved all the data and lists. Food for the brain. :)

Chris said...

We must have evaded the "beach mafia"... We just dinghied over to the spit near the fort and locked the dinghy to a convenient chain link fence (at the edge of the coast guard station property)

We walked the beach all afternoon and saw fort Macon.

You really didn't miss much