New York

Hi Everyone, just a quickie... we got into Atlantic Highlands, NJ, this afternoon. We're currently sitting at anchor, sipping cocktails and checking out the lights of Manhattan. We'll head into NYC tomorrow, or the next day. We have no schedule and we're sticking to it.

N 40 deg 24.989
W 74 deg 01.393


Anonymous said...

How great to bring your own room and board to NYC! It is such a wonderful walking city you should get all the exercise you need if you walk to Harlem and back :) Here's hoping you have some great eats while you and there and maybe take in a show?!


Equinox Crew said...

We've been away from civilization and just saw this. How exciting. You prob are already in the city, but that's a pretty amazing peak experience, to sail by the Statue of Liberty. How incredibly awesome. Hope the sail up the Jersey shore was ok.

Lynn said...

It's hard to believe we're here. The views are amazing, so's the traffic. Steve's COLD and ready to head back to Florida! He's wearing a jacket!! Such a wimp. I'm going on north solo.