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We made it to Cape May, NJ, on Saturday, late evening. It's a long way from Chesapeake City to Cape May, with few places to stop along the way. We did it in 78 miles in 14 hours. Actually, a lot faster than I thought we'd make it. We were in well before dark.

Cape May is a really pretty beach town, old Victorian houses all over, quite a few of them for sale, if you're looking. Most of them are huge, which makes them easier to see through all the tourists. Yes, we're on the South Jersey Shore, in August. The streets are packed with people, in cars, who don't really want to spend any time outside in the heat and humidity, they just want to look. They try to run us over as we hike around and they drive madly from one place to another. I want to yell "What's the matter with you? Are you not comfortable enough, sitting there in your air conditoning, eating and drinking?". And then I remember that 84 days ago, I was them. And I think "Oh, those poor people."
We have a leak in a seawater pump seal, and are waiting for one to be sent from St Petersburg, of all places, so will be spending a few more days touring around.

We just finished our third month of full time cruising! Actually 83 days, since we didn't leave on the 1st of May. I like to keep track of a lot of stuff, I'm kind of compulsive that way. So I have what I consider to be some interesting stats. Steve said "You're killing me here". Of our 83 nights out, we spent 47 at anchor, 10 on mooring balls, 14 at docks that charge a fee, 5 at free docks and 7 underway. We've spent $1286.35 on groceries (a $15.35 daily average or $7.67/per person/per day), $507.83 on liquor (or $6.11 per day or $5.99 for Steve and .12 for me per day), and $451.19 for fuel (or $5.43 per day) fuel includes gas and diesel and the propane for the BBQ and stove. As you can see, we eat and drink well.

And to poke a few more pins in the Steve doll, we've seen 21 cities in 6 states, spent $42 dollars doing laundry. We also have eaten out 20 times, for a total of $581.70 or an average of $29 per meal, including drinks. That's only $14.50 per person. If anyone has any questions on any other useless trivia, jus let me know. I have other lists.


Chris said...

I need to get Anne to make that list.... Though I don't believe you only drink 12 cents worth of alcohol per day... heh heh.

I know a few things: we've spent zero nights at pay marinas, 14 dinners out (where we picked up the tab) for $258 total. Entertainment total (drinks out, movies, icecream, etc) $272. Laundry, I think we've only paid for once... in Key West. Groceries: $683 and that includes alcohol... (we drink cheap booze)

This does not take into account our initial provisioning, so you could probably add 25% to those numbers... We ate the same pork loin from Sam's in St. Pete for two months! It was huge and we cut it into chops...

We'll reprovision there in October...

Oh, and Wow! Chesapeake city to cape may in one day... did you get to sail much?

Steve said...


Thanks for piping up. I wasn't too sure about bareing the soul with finance numbers, but this is information we just couldn't find out there before we got underway, so maybe it'll help someone else. Great on the no paying dock, moorings.. awesome!

I assume you mean reprovisioning at Sams, or do you really mean St Pete??

The numbers Lynn makes here do include all the pre-daparture provisions and as we've hit good places to stop/shop, we've tried to maintain a fair stock. Groceries also includes stuff like laundry detergent etc.

No boat maintenance in these either...crap.

Chesapeake city to Cape May, almost all motoring....sailed east to the Cape May channnel after getting a fair way out Delaware Bay. Not a really fun run, and the weather was beautiful...don't want to do it in the foul stuff.

Amanda said...

Way to keep stats mom. And we thought dad was anal retentive.

How about the ratio of turbulant storms to Adjima barfing?

Anonymous said...

Lynn.. we're enjoying following you all. we're building our budget so Keen to hear more stats. cost of Slips/Mooring so we can average. Also Entertainment.. Thanks Liz.. S/V Moosetracks

Equinox Crew said...

Chris and Lynn,
You guys have the makings of an excellent story here. And Chris and Anne have the makings of an excellent story in their zero nights at pay marinas plan. That is absolutely amazing and wonderful. You're both making us feel like spendthrifts. We keep track from time to time but haven't in awhile. You're inspiring us!

Lynn said...

We have the advantage of staying at military marinas along the coast, but so far our costs have run as such: moorings $19.34/night and docks $35.67/night (averages).
I also think my daily alcohol costs might actually be .11. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Lynn

Don said...

Great lists, keep them coming! Everybody writes about the sun dappling off the surface of the gin clear water in 20 shades of blue, blah blah blah. Those $ figures are useful (and written in a very entertaining style).

Note to Steve, they've emptied out the 6 SFS building and moved into the new one. Yeehaw, more parking for CENTCOM. Staff work must seem like a world away (3 years, 3 months and counting...)

s/v Laurie Lee

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I know a little yellow pill taken once a day that can take away all that compulsive list-keeping! Just KIDDING. VERY useful information and the talk of the last breakfast at St. Pete. --Jeff (& Elise) SeaSpan