More Days in Cape May????

Why, YES. Leaving yesterday, er today, er well, don't really know.

The plan: leave yesterday with southerlies rolling to westerlies and head up the coast toward Sandy Hook then off straight to Block Island if the weather held. Dinghy up, sail covers off, Mr Mac called since it would be a two night off shore and well, someone should know where we're expected to show. Last minute weather check showed 25+ knots predicted south of Long Island right about when we'd be passing through. Why do that?

So leaving today: South-westerlies predicted are blowing right at 10 knots, beautiful sailing weather but...they're blowing out of 355 degrees. (NOAA still repeating southwest over the radio) Could we sail that? Maybe but again, OK anchorage here and no schedule so why do that?

Leaving tomorrow: I confess, I haven't yet bothered to look at the forecast for tomorrow ...

38 deg 56.964 N
74 deg 53.279 W

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