Daily Walk

Chairs along the sea wall, waiting for a good cup of coffee and a little chat.

The Chowder Cook Off at the Oriental Inn.

The always changing board at the Fulcher Seafood counter, today was a salmon kind of day.
We've been walking a lot around Oriental this winter, working off the seafood and rum. For a very small village, there's always new stuff to see. What I'm really liking is that now when we wave at the cars driving by, (very-upper-Midwest-small-town-can't-stop-it-reflex: you wave at everyone going by), we usually know the driver. If Steve were still in the Air Force, this would mean it's time to move. Since we're retired now and can make up our own darn minds about what to do and where to do it, we think we'll stay a few more weeks. Try out those chairs by the seawall.


Patty said...

Love the new color scheme that matches the chairs that I would love to be sitting in right now with that good cup of roaster made coffee.

Chris said...

That seafood board makes my mouth water... Mmmmm, salmon...