Little Red Bird

Spring is springing out all over here. 70 and sunny today. We saw our first dandelions this week and the birds are building all over the place. The magnolia trees are budding, I hope we're here long enough to see them in bloom, they're my favorite. I saw this little red bird this morning up by the dock house and couldn't find it in my Audubon Guide. It was bright red all over and had stripes on it's stomach, sparrow sized (the bird, not the stripes). Anyone?

We've been doing a lot of boat stuff lately, trying to make the most of the 110 power while we still have it. I'm looking forward to leaving the dock and doing some exploring on the Outer Banks before all the tourists show up. Time to feel like sailors again.


Chris said...

Anne could not find this in any of our bird books... nice to stump her!

So, you're going sailing? When? Where?

Beth said...

Hi, Lynn, Thanks for all the blogging help! I am having fun looking at yours and I am pretty sure this little guy is a purple finch(I know it is red, but...).My mom had me birdwatching from babyhood:-)